Keeping eyes on the line with our industrial visualization solutions

Manufacturers simply cannot make do with the ability to supervise the entire production process, and that is why visualization tools are such valuable assets to industrial operations.

With the benefit of powerful visualization technology, plant operators can keep tabs on every process, supervising and addressing each link in the chain conveniently from a fixed workstation.

Visualization is an equally indispensable tool for achieving transparency in manufacturing—that is, for gaining penetrating insight into your plant's internal workings, for example, by documenting downtime and quantities.

HMR selects visualization tools to suit your requirements from a pool of brand-name options made by respected vendors.

HMR develops visualization solutions based mainly on Simatic WinCC, Simatic WinCC flexible, TIA Portal, Wonderware InTouch, Rockwell FactoryTalk, and RSView systems.

Determined to meet all your automation needs, HMR delivers and installs the right visualization solution for your plant's requirements with your preferences in mind. And you can rest assured that it will run smoothly and reliably.

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