We know the automotive industry inside and out

Automakers and suppliers with highly automated manufacturing lines are key accounts at HMR.

Demand is on the rise for more performance from safer systems that are easier to handle and cheaper to operate. Manufacturing equipment has to be adapted to satisfy this demand. And systems' availability can be increased, but only if they are safe, easy to handle, and equipped with diagnostic capabilities.

HMR provides modular and distributed automation solutions to keep your system up to speed with the latest advances in technology.

You can count on our engineers to put your system's uninterrupted availability first, always.

As a seasoned system integrator and trusted partner company staffed with experts who are very skilled at handling various vendors' controllers, visualization and imaging tools, and other manufacturing systems, we are your reliable specialist for every conceivable automation solution.

Our knowledge, honed by many years experience in the automotive industry, of the following applications runs deep:

Electrified monorail and automated guided vehicle systems; belt, chain, roller and accumulation conveyors; assembly line control systems; transfer lines and cars, turntables, lifts and lifting tables, assembly line job control
Assembly, processing and machining centers
Mounting and assembly stations, pressing and punching lines, automated saws, preassembly , painting and dipping lines, heat treatment (pusher-type, rotary hearth and tempering furnaces) and cylinder head mounting systems
Measuring and testing equipment
Encoding stations, fault diagnosis systems, measuring and engine test benches, testing equipment, testing and measuring devices, hardness and ultrasonic engine block inspection tools
Hardening and heat treatment
Flame treatment and hardening systems (inductive, press hardening), washing machines, hardening oil recycling systems

Case study:
Robot handling at DaimlerChrysler - HMR deploys an ABB robot [Download 698 KB]

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