Logically automated logistics are right up our alley

There is a great deal of potential for cost reduction in logistics. And the best way of tapping this potential and achieving sustained savings is to step back, look at the big picture and analyze all logistical processes holistically.

Storage technology and logistics have an immediate impact on companies' bottom-line profitability.

HMR offers both end-to-end solutions, as well as solutions targeting individual links in the chain, to cover all the many complex warehousing, material flow control and logistics tasks. And every solution comes from the same reliable source, HMR.

To keep your system up to speed with the latest advances in technology, HMR provides modular and distributed automation solutions that make additions and modifications an exercise in speed and convenience.
As a system integrator/partner staffed with experts who are very skilled at handling various vendors' controllers, visualization and imaging tools, and other manufacturing systems, we are your reliable specialist for every conceivable automation solution.

HMR engineers have a great deal of experience helping customers tackle logistics and storage challenges. With a skill-set encompassing all the machines and tasks listed below, they have the know-how to deliver the perfect solution for your automation needs, quickly and surely:


  • Pharmacy storage
  • Load planning
  • Storage system retrofits
  • Conveyance
  • High-bay warehousing
  • Warehouse management
  • Material flow control
  • Power and free conveyors


  • Production bins
  • Satellite warehouses
  • Sorting controllers
  • Loading controllers
  • Forklift stacking systems
  • Forklift paging and tasking systems
  • Cargo and roller conveyors
  • Mobile racking system

Here are just a few of our many reference projects:

Buffer storage

Automotive (cylinder heads)

  • Warehouse management via a dual computer system
  • Linked to S7-300 (PLC) controller via Ethernet
  • Put-away orders now generated automatically
  • Retrieval orders now generated automatically, driven by engine assembly requirements
  • Emergency operation without a warehouse management computer
  • Materials automatic redistributed in response to asymmetrical storage

Pallet warehouse

  • Entire electrical system replaced in increments
  • Material flow and ASRS control via SIMATIC S5
  • Networked via Industrial Ethernet
  • Connected to warehouse management computer (Tandem)
  • Completed within five days (Mon-Fri around the clock)
  • Visualization with InTouch
  • Warehouse turnover and utilization statistics on PC

Food industry

  • Entire electrical system replaced
  • Transport and ASRS control via SIMATIC S5
  • Networked via Industrial Ethernet
  • Connected to the warehouse management system (AS/400)
  • Visualization via WinCC
  • Transport area converted within four days
  • ASRSs converted aisle by aisle (in around five days)

Fiber (raw materials warehouse)

  • Nearly all components of the electrical system replaced
  • Transport and ASRS control via SIMATIC S5
  • Connected to warehouse management system (AS/400) via 3270 terminal emulation
  • Visualization via WinCC
  • Transport area converted within five days

Feedstuff (channel warehouse 1)

  • Warehouse management and material flow control (SQL Server)
  • Management capability for another 20-bay warehouse (manual access)
  • Tour and load scheduling with consignment control 
  • Picking with automatic replenishment
  • Integrated into the customer's IT environment (ERP/PPS)
  • Linked via XML-based communication, email server
  • Batch tracking

Feedstuff (channel warehouse 2)

  • Warehouse turnover and cost statistics
  • Entire electrical system replaced
  • Select machinery (ASRS, conveyors) replaced
  • Transport and ASRS control via SIMATIC S7
  • Profibus/Ethernet networking
  • Visualization via WinCC, OP17, OP27
  • Entire transport area converted within ten days

Sorting/forwarding control systems

Automotive (engine dispatching)

  • Warehouse management (forklift stacking system)
  • Connected to the in-feed line (PLC) via Profibus
  • Put-away orders now generated automatically
  • Job-based retrieval
  • Transponder-assisted rack control for storage and retrieval
  • Connected to SISAM and SAP

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