At HMR, we're ready to meet each of your unique requirements

Processes and workflows in the rubber and plastics industry are certainly demanding, but we relish the challenge of providing the right automation solutions to customers in this sector.

Rubber and plastics industry manufacturing processes have always required innovative automation solutions. And that is precisely what HMR provides from a single source. Hard shell or soft core, we deliver automated solutions that fit your products.

HMR engineers' top priority is assuring the availability of our customers' systems.
For manufacturing systems' availability to be increased, they have to be easy to handle and equipped with diagnostic capabilities. The safety of your operations is equally important to us. After all, safety ought to always come first in every sector, and the rubber and plastics industry is no exception to that rule!

As a seasoned system integrator and trusted partner company staffed with experts who are very skilled at handling various vendors' controllers, visualization and imaging tools, and other manufacturing systems, we are your reliable specialist for every conceivable automation solution.

It's all in the mix in this industry, and the same can be said of the staffing at HMR. We have the right expert on our roster for each solution and for every task. Our experience in the rubber and plastics industry extends to the following areas:

  • Bead Winder
  • Extrusion lines
  • Calender lines
  • Mixing systems
  • Silo systems
  • Presses
  • Weighing machines and granulate conveyors
  • Rolling mills

Call +49 (0)6 201-9913-0  or send an email to info(at)  if you wish to learn more. We'll be happy to furnish all the information you need.