A wealth of experience that extends to the textile industry

Manufacturing lines have to be highly productive and very fast to be profitable, and especially so in the textile sector.

HMR engineers' top priority is assuring the availability, safety, handling ease, and diagnostic capability of your system. And their ability to do this makes HMR the partner of choice for textile industry automation solutions.

To keep your system up to speed with the latest advances in technology, HMR provides modular and distributed automation solutions

As a seasoned system integrator and trusted partner company staffed with experts who are very skilled at handling various vendors' controllers, visualization and imaging tools, and other manufacturing systems, we are your reliable specialist for every conceivable automation solution.

We have extensive experience with the following textile industry equipment:

  • Fiber blending machines
  • Fiber opening machines
  • Fiber storage systems
  • Fiber conveyor systems
  • Fault diagnosis systems
  • Runtime administration for spinning machines
  • Nylon granulation machines
  • Spinning machines
  • Silo management
  • Silo weighing systems
  • Dryers
  • Weighing and dosing systems
  • Wrappers

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