The HMR Group at a glance

With the benefit of the HMR Group alliances described in the following, our customers have the full range of premium-quality automation and process engineering solutions at their disposal.

Our partners' vast experience and knowledge in their chosen fields are tremendous assets that enable us to deliver even more satisfying service to our customers. Every partner company in our Group does precisely what it does best; no more and no less.

SmartRay supplies 3D sensors for quality inspections, robot guidance and precision measurement. The company's extensive experience and focus on 3D have made it a success story, and SmartRay's unique range of 3D sensors benefits the HMR Group and our customers.

HELIRO Steuer- und Regelungstechnik GmbH serves the HMR Group primarily as a subcontractor for industrial assembly and installation. The firm also represents us in northeastern Germany, and supports us with peoplepower and pooled expertise to benefit all HMR customers.

VMT supplies custom turnkey image processing and laser sensing systems for all industrial sectors. Its solutions are based on proprietary product lines covering the entire range of applications. VMT offers advanced, future-proof technology designed to keep your investment paying dividend for many years to come.

AURIN Kommissioniertechnik GmbH makes SISA display systems, develops sophisticated PBL and PTL system software, and delivers efficient, paperless single-stage and multistage picking systems to our customers.

With all these assets, the HMR Group is a powerful, efficient alliance that provides peerless service to customers. And the specialized skills of each company make us that much stronger as a unified group.

The HMR-Group: United by the same mindset and a shared mission!