Engineering – the bedrock that underpins all our services

HMR handles the most diverse projects, serving you in the way that best fits your needs—as a general contractor, as a full-service supplier of end-to-end electrical equipment packages, or strictly as a supplier of software or custom-fitted electrical enclosures.

Our engineering services run the gamut from consultancy, planning and project coordination to development.

Every project commences with intensive consultations that set the stage for a long and successful partnership. First, we thoroughly analyze all customer-specific data and then document your unique requirements by preparing technical and functional specifications. To this end, we:

  • Assess the current situation
  • Outline your options
  • Design the solution

A team staffed with specialists in every field related to your project works out proposals based on the given requirements. The same HRM project manager serves as your single point of contact throughout this assignment, remaining at your disposal from the inceptive planning to the system's launch. This team:

  • Drafts specifications
  • Charts a project roadmap
  • Devises strategies for both hardware and software
  • Devises strategies for both hardware and software

Project coordination
Every project is supervised by your personal HMR project manager, a reliable partner who remains at your disposal throughout the project. Our project manager coordinates every stage of the venture, from preparing specifications and rolling out customized solutions to providing user training and support once your system is up and running.

Using state-of-the-art development tools, we put into practice innovative and powerful software solutions for applications such as:

  • PLC, NC and robot control
  • Visualization
  • PCs, databases, and microcomputers

Inspections according to accident prevention regulations
We test electrical installations for the safety of persons and property. To this end, we offer the following inspection services:

  • Initial and repeat testing of portable electrical work equipment according to DGUV Rule 3, and work equipment according to the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, § 10 (DIN VDE 0701-0702)
  • Initial and repeat testing of fixed electrical systems and equipment to DGUV Rule 3, and work equipment according to the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (DIN VDE 0100-600/EN 60204-1)

Call +49 (0)6 201-9913-0  or send an email to info(at)  if you wish to learn more. We'll be happy to furnish all the information you need.