Software engineering by professionals for professionals

PC software
We have been developing custom software solutions since the mid-'80s, and are currently doing so on the basis of the latest Microsoft .NET Framework.

Visual Basic.NET, C, C ++, C #, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and VBScript (VBS) are our main programming languages.

When necessary, we also develop custom software based on earlier technologies, such as older versions of.NET Framework, Visual Basic 6.0, and MFC.

Our applications serve many purposes, including:

  • Gathering and processing quality, operating and fault data
  • Warehouse and material flow management
  • Vertical integration: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for transmitting data between ERP systems such as SAP and the visualization and control plane to manage formulation data and dispatch job orders in manufacturing
  • XML data exchange and parsing
  • Interface controllers directly via controller-specific protocols or via OPC
  • Reports (Crystal Reports or Microsoft Reporting)
  • Customer-specific frontends for viewing and management

We also develop software to your specifications, and we can do this for applications other than automation, for example, for office use.

We provide software interfaces to:

  • Siemens, Rockwell (Allen-Bradley), Moeller, Mitsubishi, AEG (Schneider), and other controllers
  • WinCC, WinCC Flexible, Intouch and RSView visualization systems
  • Higher-order ERP systems (SAP), environmental and power consumption data capture systems, and many more

Various transmission channels and protocols are used to this end:

  • Special controller-specific protocols and services for interfacing PLCs via Ethernet or other bus systems
  • Services for exchanging data via OPC (OLE for Process Control)
  • Data exchange directly within databases or between multiple database systems (Linked Server, SQL Server Integration Services [SSIS])
  • IDoc, Remote Function / Procedure Call (RFC / RPC) to communicate with SAP
  • Data exchange via files such as XML, CSV, PDF, etc.

If you need capabilities beyond what standard interfaces and communication channels can do for you, we can develop custom solutions tailored to your requirements.

Call +49 (0)6 201-9913-0  or send an email to info(at)  if you wish to learn more. We'll be happy to furnish all the information you need.