Retrofit upgrades for your legacy systems

Legacy systems that are still mechanically sound can be upgraded by replacing outdated components. Our engineers can modernize all of your systems' hardware and software components, and add on extensions and make modifications as needed.

You can rely on HMR to:

  • Assess the current situation, advise you accordingly, and propose the best solution
  • Handle all the planning, including specifications and configuration
  • Perform all the cabinet installation and onsite conversion work
  • Put all the new hardware and software components into operation

Refurbished systems are put into operation at your location to assess how machines and components interact with the application software to ensure they are safe and user-friendly to operate.
HMR ensures that you have every means of operating and monitoring systems and diagnosing faults at your disposal at the start of production. We can also conduct intensive training for your employees to ensure maximum uptime and peak performance from your systems.

Why retrofit?

  • To modernize systems cost-effectively
  • To make safety-related modifications to comply with statutory and plant regulations
  • To cut power costs (for example, by replacing VFDs)
  • To replace components that are no longer available
  • To boost productivity

Call +49 (0)6 201-9913-0  or send an email to info(at)  if you wish to learn more. We'll be happy to furnish all the information you need.