IT & PC-based automation

Some call it Industry 4.0; others say it is the fourth industrial revolution. But whatever name it goes by, the networked smart factory is sure to figure prominently in the future of global manufacturing.

Speed, safety and quality are the hallmarks of modern industrial networks. These days, it is practically impossible to properly assess performance, optimize processes and analyze faults without a reliable computing network.

Built with benefits of redundancy, surveillance and messaging capabilities in mind, these networks provide the underpinning for industrial automation and machine vision. Their design is crucial—it has to be streamlined for transparency, easily extendible and ready to meet every demand. What's more, the engineers that design, build and operate these networks must take every precaution to ensure they are secure, stable and reliable.

Advanced networks and sophisticated automation technology make for a complex pairing. It takes a strong partner with considerable IT skills and a wealth of automation and visualization know-how to merge the two in a professional-grade solution. Let HMR be that partner for your company.

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