The future is getting greener with a little help from HMR

Automation has long been indispensable to many industries, and environmental technology is no exception. Automated eco-related solutions serve mainly to protect people and boost efficiency. And HMR's innovative designs are sure to benefit your company as well.

Our skill-set encompasses water, wastewater, air, and waste engineering applications.

As a seasoned system integrator and trusted partner company staffed with experts who are very skilled at handling various vendors' controllers, visualization and imaging tools, and other manufacturing systems, we are your reliable specialist for every conceivable automation solution.

Our experience in the following areas has been proven many times over:

  • Amine disposal
  • WWTP control and maintenance
  • Waste drying
  • Cleaning systems for rainwater retention basins
  • Dry filtering
  • Dry scrubbers
  • Compressor controllers
  • Weighing and granulate conveyors
  • Water treatment plants for landfill leachate, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater

Call +49 (0)6 201-9913-0  or send an email to info(at)  if you wish to learn more. We'll be happy to furnish all the information you need.